Music has a profane healing effect on the energy body as it heals the various chakras through the different tones.  First I will provide information on the energy field and its purpose so as to explain this.

The electromagnetic field that surrounds the body and consists of several different colors is the aura.  The aura is made up of seven different colored layers of vibrational energies and these colors assimilate with the physical body to keep it in or out of balance.  The energy that we hold within our self and our space is what keeps us safe and connected to spirit. When we think or feel, negative thoughts and eat unhealthy foods our energy field is affected.  Sometimes we “feel” a close connection to someone or something we have just encountered and don’t know why.  This may be that there is something familiar between us in our energy field, we may have had and or let go of some similar experiences in life.  When we are around people who have a loving and caring unconditional manner, their energy field is often light and welcoming.  On the other hand when we have unloving thoughts or people in our space who are negative we may become tired and listless. Negative people can truly drain our energy source if we allow them as well as working at or doing things that we are not happy with.  This can make us feel heavy like we are carrying an old refrigerator around with us. Warning! This means that it is time to change the things that are keeping us down and “holding one back”.

      There are so many things that may be a “pain in the back” if we are not aware that our energy field is heavy with “stuff” that we are holding on to. In order to know this we must first find out how it feels when it is clear of baggage. So then we find a way to lighten up by having a healing session, massage, yoga, tai chi, Pilates meditate or learn to run our energy by clearing the chakra's. It is easier to feel lighter when our bodies are being nurtured and cared for with the proper food and exercise.  The energy that we hold onto and feel around us is the same energy that is used to manifest in our daily lives.

Affirmation:   With pure nurturing emotions and loving, focused, thoughts my vibrations heightens with the energy of unconditional love and acceptance and my intention is to attract only this within my sacred space.

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