When We Decide to Lose Our Minds

I had a great epiphany today all because I watched a documentary on sleep apnia recently and it really affected me.  One of the conclusions they offered was that sleep deprivation can lead to the development of dementia as one age.  It reminded me of my mother’s journey when she had to take melatonin to sleep and now she is like a child, sometimes not recognizing me when I go visit her.   This same journey is one I had chosen to follow as I allow the worst kind of sleep apnea to rule a portion of my life.

  I asked myself the question “Is this how you’re going to go out, live the end of your life?” (Where does that little voice come from?)  I remember shaking my head back and forth and saying “No!” out loud.  I could not focus on anything as my mind was racing in circles and this caused me to become more uncomfortable with myself.  My solution to most of my problems is to mentally and verbally ask myself “So what are you going to do about it?”  This gave me a bit of space to function in but I was still chasing myself around.

I experienced about a day of fear and more pain and dyscomfort and over thinking and then that little voice that exists somewhere between my hips spoke up again “Remember Girl, you have done this before and you can do it again!”  I got a clear picture and feel of the attitude I had adopted when I took the steps to reverse a condition known as Graves’s dysease a few years back and fibroids and chronic heart congestion at the same time. Now was the time to Step Up.   I feel that I moved from being a private to a five star general with one thought, or more authentically I grew from being the princess and back to the Queen. 

In my lifetime I have chosen to overcome a few chronic dyseases and accomplished this by changing my thought process.  Watching this show was just the inspiration needed to motivate me to a deeper connection to the dyscomforting uneasiness I was allowing to settle into my Temple with so much acceptance.  I finally got it, I was concerned because I was aware that I was slowly beginning to feel weaker more painful recently and I knew a plan of action had to happen with no delay!  …..      Follow me as I share my journey with you.