Spring is here as we approach the upcoming Easter celebration. I have always thought of Easter as a time for the bunny rabbit to appear and drop candy upon all those children impatiently awaiting the "Easter Egg Hunt" This year I feel the prescence of the Divine around me, embracing me. I completely understand how this is because of so many praying and giving thanks to the Christ Energy. I beleive that you cannot separate the Mother Mary from the Christ Jesus as she was alway at hands length to support and guide her Son on his Journey as Mothers do. Mary suffered the greatest pain a Mother could experience in losing a child and then the greatest Joy at his ressurection. This is a time of understanding the deepest levels of sacrifice through the eyes of the Mother and the Son. Jesus taught us to honor the divine within no matter what other may expect from you and to speak Truth.

I beleive that preparing and being a part of the Moon Lounge experience has been a transformational journey which aligned me with Divine energy in a way which I have never experienced in this lifetime. I feel at peace with my life and grateful and joyful and in complete surrender. I am so sure of my purpose, my mission in life and all I have to do is walk that walk, stay on the path of love and let my life happen. As long as I have passion for life and what I must do the way will present itself.

Easter is a time of giving thanks to the Divine for teaching us of Sacrifice; it is a time of Gratitude for what life has offered us. I am in complete surrender to Gratitude and I accept all that It has to share with me. I surrender to the Divine Will and allow myself to be a vessel for the Goodness of the Divine.

I look forward to moving forward on my journey and sharing more with you....