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Face to Face with Chronic Illness

May 17, 2016
I strongly believe that we all create our own illness with our state of mind and emotions.  Once we accept that we are not well we become whatever sickness that we have embraced.  

With this thought in mind I can move forward and heal my aches and pains and dyseases within my being.   I have actually have had a long journey of awareness connected to my physical body.  (See my blog post “Walking in Darkness”  Even now as I write this post I ask myself “how did I get so tangled up in this mess of self inflicted pain ?” and I immediately begin to download more information. 

I receive an even stronger sense that it was my need to be so hard on myself that kept me locked in patterns that are embedded deep within my psyche.  I also realize that is the same energy that ended with me being in the hospital (see blog post link above) that were still winding around within me.  
The issues are based around my fifth chakra and are suppressing all my other power centres.  Translated this means that my communication issues that I brought with me from other lifetimes and this one are being pushed down and out of the way therefore causing me to be stuck in my body.  My body is therefore talking to me the best way it can to let me know that all is not well in this Temple.

I have been trying to settle by doing the best that I can but not my best and it is showing in so many ways.  Since I made the agreement with myself to get to the bottom of this illness pit I have been consciously moving deeper into myself toward the honest to goodness Truth.  As I write I feel this energy that is so immense that is could possibly fill a whole Universe.  It is kind of scary how much I have contained within me.

I believe that I have pushed aside this negating part of myself thinking that it was easier than dealing with it.  But I ask you what could be easier and better than being happier and more satisfied with who I am in my life.  I only kid myself by hanging so tightly on to my old self.  I feel the emotions that I am sitting on, the fear, frustration, regret, disillusionment, etc.  What are they but mirror images of reactions and actions that I have learned from my environment and life experiences and chosen to be a part of who I am? 

 Emotions are like a phone with no apps, it what you choose to put into it that makes it work better for you. I create every feeling that I experience, which in turn creates every mood, reaction and decision that I make at every given moment.  If I am depressed it’s because I have chosen to embrace those feelings and emotions that hold me in that space.  The same applies to pain and dysease.  It may be a thought that I have stuffed deep within and may never get to the root of but all I can do is give it a try.  

So now that I have embraced these issues I have to make a plan to raise the vibration around them and change the energy creating any dyscomfort in my Temple.
Shift the energy in my physical body and allow it to flow – 18 form Chi Gong twice per day (yoga, meditation, fitness etc)  -  Physical Body
Create a Temple to live in by introducing more sacredness into the home.  Create more alters or power points with plants, crystals, scents etc. -Spiritual Body
Be choosy about those in my inner circle – those who support who I am in every way. – Reach out to people – spend time with friends - Emotional Body
Enjoy being outdoors and indoors – appreciate my environment (change it if I have to) 
Be honest with myself and others at all times - Be true to myself always -Mental Body
Pamper myself – Be happy! Nurture all parts of me!
This program has shifted my energy to another level.  This is only the beginning and I am doing a lot of work in changing my thoughts and emotions.  Stay tuned for more 
 (If you wish to work on a program with me please contact me and we can design one together to suit your needs}


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April 12, 2016

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April 18, 2014
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The Goddess Re-Membered

Embers Moore I am a Spiritual Empowerment Coach and I have been working with the Goddess Energy for the past 30 years. I have much to share, I love the work and love to teach. Come join me if you are ready to bust free from the confines of who you think you are and really explore those uncharted zones deep within.