Discover the Goddess Within

You deserve to be your best


Embers has over thirty years experience as a health Wellness practitioner in the Vancouver Lower Mainland with a background in NLP and certified Reiki Master. Her area of expertise is working with Womyn to assist them to overcome limitations and move towards empowerment in their lives. She has travelled across Canada and the United States participating in psychic fairs as an Afrikan Divinator, Bone & Tarot reader. Embers works with compassion, clarity, and honesty and a gentle touch to assist you on your healing journey


An introduction to the six week program designed to assist one in embracing the hidden aspects of self. We explore the many roles we have in our lives and learn how to integrate them in a way as to improve the quality of our lives. With the use of hands on group exercises, creative activities, guided contemplations and much more we come together in work and play to strip away layers of limitations and become more intimate with our true nature. The grand finale is a mask making session to express the joy of what we have brought forward into the world. This is a great way to move forward and tap into your creative nature at the same time. 


We all have parts of ourselves hidden beneath our life experiences that when healed would make us stronger more empowered beings. Sometimes we fear having these parts being exposed because of the pain, drama and memories of the experiences that sent them underground.  The work we do together is fun most often, enlightening, always and empowering, definetly empowering.

Re-Membering the Goddess Within


What is Re-membering the Goddess Within?

-understand and explore the many faces of the Goddess

- define the inner and outer expressions of these aspects that you embrace in your everyday life

-re-align with your more powerful aspects to change who you are and become who you are becoming

-re-birth in a loving, nurturing environment

What can this program do for you?

-realize your potential as a Womyn in the world

-re-member who you are by embracing where you have come from

-realize the importance of your role and your value within society

-use your fears as a springboard for success and connect with your deepest passions

-re-write your past and renew your signature on this plane

Who can benefit from this program?

-recommended to those who feel at a loss of where they are headed

-those who are unsure of their mission in life

-those with a pattern of abuse, sense of worthlessness, feeling of being misused or unheard or confused about who they are.

-anyone who wants to further their spiritual journey and become more empowered

Join me, make a commitment towards more empowerment for the new year.  Take that step, you will never regret making.  Let us grow together, love, laugh, cry and play and blossom. 

The Value of aligning with Re-Membering the Goddess Within

5 week online course - $200.00 

5 week online course - $200.00 - including a reading sent to you to begin and end the course.

 In life we may be caught up in who we are and what we have to do to maintain who we are. Often we forget to slow down and embrace those inner aspects, those hidden parts of self that require nurturing. Now is the time to address the inner you who may be peeking out at times but never makes it past the little peek hole that we create to ensure that it is still present. When we ignore these aspects we never really move in the forward direction that we intend. Sometimes we are just comfortable with our story and what we have made of them so we choose not to dig any deeper to learn, grow and heal more than is necessary to maintain our comfort level. 

Re-Membering the Goddess Within is an exercise of going in comfortably and embracing those hidden aspects, addressing them and integrating them. We become more at peace and empowered in ourselves and in our lives as we move past our fears and boundaries and learn to communicate and become the absolute aspects of our hidden powers.

Join me on this journey. You can begin at any time or invite friends to join you on this journey and we will incorporate group sessions to share and heal...Your choice, just make the decision to be more than you ever imagined in this lifetime.

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